Policy of Equity

Scope of Coverage

The Policy applies to all employees, including board members, supervisors, managers, commissioners, applicants, interns, outside vendors, and volunteers.

The County Policy of Equity applies to conduct:

  • In the workplace; or
  • In other work-related settings such as off-site work-related events (e.g., retirement parties) with a nexus to the workplace.

The Policy applies to the use of communication systems or equipment in the workplace.


The Los Angeles County Policy of Equity reflects and builds upon our MISSION, VISION, and VALUE, which each employee is responsible for demonstrating in both actions and words.

The values of INTEGRITY and RESPECT lie at the heart of our Policy of Equity. All employees are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the Policy and all applicable local, county, state and federal laws.


The purpose of this Policy is intended to preserve the dignity, respect, and professionalism of the workplace as well as to protect the right of employees to be free from discrimination, sexual harassment, harassment (other than sexual), retaliation and inappropriate conduct toward others based on a state or federal protected characteristic.  Inappropriate conduct toward others, discrimination, sexual harassment, harassment (other than sexual), and retaliation are contrary to the values of the County of Los Angeles. As such, all members of the County workforce are responsible for conducting themselves in accordance with this Policy and its associated Procedures.


The County will not tolerate unlawful discrimination on the basis of:

  • age (40 and over)
  • ancestry
  • color
  • ethnicity
  • religious creed (including religious dress and grooming practices)
  • denial of family and medical care leave
  • disability (including mental and physical disability)
  • marital status
  • medical condition (cancer and genetic characteristics)
  • genetic information
  • military and veteran status
  • national origin (including language use restrictions)
  • race
  • sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and medical conditions related to pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding)
  • gender
  • gender identity
  • gender expression
  • sexual orientation
  • any other characteristic protected by state or federal law


The County will not tolerate retaliation for filing a complaint under the Policy or similar state or federal law, for participating in an administrative investigation or proceeding under the Policy, for performing duties under the Policy, or for otherwise opposing conduct prohibited by the Policy.


As a preventive measure, the County will also not tolerate inappropriate conduct toward others based on a protected characteristic even if the conduct does not meet the Policy definition of discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, or harassment.

An isolated derogatory comment, joke, racial slur, sexual innuendo etc., may constitute conduct that violates this policy and is grounds for discipline.


All County employees are responsible for conducting themselves in accordance with this Policy and its associated procedures. Violation of the Policy and/or Procedures will lead to prompt and appropriate administrative action including, but not limited to:

  • counseling
  • training
  • written warning
  • written reprimand
  • suspension
  • demotion
  • discharge